Hack for LA brings LA's tech community together to solve community challenges

Hack for LA, the largest civic hackathon in Southern California, calls to action government agencies, businesses, software developers, nonprofits, web designers, students, and civically-engaged thought leaders to address community challenges through technology innovation and application development.

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Teams must present their work in person to the judges on Sunday Dec 8 from 4-6 PM in order to be eligible for prizes.

You must include discussion of the datasets/ APIs used and the technologies used in your presentation.

Teams may not have more than 10 participants.

Team leaders for the cash prize competition must be 18 years or older, or be accompanied by a parent.

All coding must take place during the hackathon weekend.



The goal of the hackathon is to submit the concept, visual mockups, and a functional app or unique data visualization.  Teams must be able to present a working prototype of the app in order to participate in the presentation to the judges.

Judges are allowed to examine code if requested.

How to enter

All individuals and teams participating on-site during the Hack for LA event must reigster on Challengepost to be considering for prizes and judging.  You must have registered your team by 2 PM on Sunday in order to be eligible for prizes, but you have until 4 PM to finish/ update your submission.  All team members must be included on your submission.


Hack for LA Judges Panel

Hack for LA Judges Panel
Hack for LA

Judging Criteria

  • Originality of the idea and potential impact on Los Angeles
    Apps will be judged based on their originality and creativity as well as their potential impact on the community and the challenges and opportunities we face here in Los Angeles.
  • Clear articulation of the idea
    Teams will be judged on their ability to clearly articulate the details, goals, data, and process they used in development of their submission.
  • Technology used in the submission
    Judges will rank submissions based on the technologies and platforms used as well as the extent and quality of coding completed during the weekend.
  • Feasibility and appeal
    Judges will consider the feasibility of implementation and likelihood of adaption and use by the Los Angeles community.